In 2014 my family and I found your Church

In 2014 my family and I found your Church – what a blessing that was for us. I have been a member of large Churches that had wonderful music, facilities, worship – – but they lacked the close, family connection that we are experiencing here at Crossfire. Do we have challenges? – absolutely…, What family doesn’t? That is the thing we love most about Crossfire. We’re not sugar-coated, and we don’t pretend.

We’re not rich, we’re not fancy, we are sinners,…. we are imperfect. Jesus did not focus His ministry to the privileged – in fact quite the opposite. He made disciples out of a wide cross-section of folks, including fishermen, physicians, and even Roman tax collectors. Jesus loves me and my family, and so does Crossfire. We’ve made some wonderful friends! Pastor Aaron’s messages sometimes cut me right to the bone – challenging me to turn offense around and not let it and Satan’s will create havoc in my life – to truly forgive and move on, to speak up not shy away, to read my Bible….friends, this is one of my favorite testimonies of the year – Irene and I LOVE spending the last 15 minutes each night before we go to sleep with God, in His word. It is my favorite time of day – what a powerful, awesome gift God has given us with His word. We learn so much! The old saying, “what would Jesus do?”…I love reading the story each day and answering that question with the amazing stories, miracles, and parables of the Gospel and the experiences of the disciples. Thank you Pastor Aaron, Pastors Chris, and Jeff, and our good friends Steve and Debra who moved this year to Portland. I love that sometimes after a moving message I walk away thinking, “man, that kind of stretched the boundaries…did he really say xyz there in Church?”, or “man, kind of seems a bit like a guilt trip”. But then the more I think about it during the week, I understand – Pastor Aaron is just one authentic dude – just hanging it all out there….and he is right, and I need to reflect his wisdom onto my life and find ways that I can apply it and take some action on it.

Thank you for being authentic and unafraid to say what God is putting on your heart.

That and so many other beautifully authentic things about Crossfire make me just keep wanting more and more and more. I want to learn more, so please keep teaching.

Love brother Mike Lang

Casey Fisher

Wendy Gomez

Mathew Wangenstien

Shane O’Dell

Cara Capener

Brittany Darling

Kelly Fargher

Don Wing

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