Ministry Director

Pastor Cindy Parnell

Crossfire World Outreach Ministries - Heart of David

      For Heart of David ministries, there are many aspects of the Biblical Manifestations of praise that envelopes our ministry. We dance, play our tambourines, shout, clap, sing, speak out prophetically, intercede, and use banners as a symbol of God's authority.
Our primary purpose is to support and be among the singers, musicians, and worship leaders in the procession of praise and worship at our home church Crossfire World Outreach Ministries. We also desire to teach and train up other teams to do the same at their home churches. This must always be maintained in the integrity of His Word. We will always turn to the Word of God for all areas of life, and refuse to the best of our knowledge in Him, to not go into vain and imaginary displays of praise in order to gratify self.
Through extensive study, we have seen in the scriptures that dancing and playing the tambourine unto the Lord in praise and prophetic utterances will strengthen his people, unite them, form them into His army, and bring the army into the most intense spiritual warfare. We are always striving to push into the High Exultations of praise for our coming King. We know through His Word this has a destroying effect on the enemy of our soul. For us involved in this ministry, we know that THIS MEANS WAR

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Service Schedule

6:00pm @ Springfield Campus